PRODIGY AMERICA brand lubricants is distributed in Indonesia by PT.VINDELA CEMERLANG INDONESIA. Our oil are made in America, Pack in America, then shipped from America to Indonesia. The producer of PRODIGY AMERICA Motor Oil the Chicago Petroleum Oil (CPO) is a premier manufacturer of new technologies and high quality car care additives, chemical, antifreeze and motor oils for the automotive and industrial markets. Our product are certified by American Petroleum Institute (API) and distributed widely used in the United States, Indonesia, China and Vietnam.

When using PRODIGY lubricants customers will be guaranteed:

Our products are produced, bottled and packaged in the America with highest satisfaction in quality. Our goods have been certified by The American Petroleum Institute (API) and our formulas are innovative and highly efficient. We are dedicated to providing the best quality products sold worldwide. And its 100% import (BUILT UP) from USA.

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